Overview of DSEM

Overview of DSEM


The Dynamic Systems Engineering Methodology will greatly contribute to the Systems Development industry in many ways. By overcoming the inefficiencies of past methodologies, the primary benefits would include significantly reducing development costs, increasing the quality of project results, and reducing the number of failed systems development projects. These benefits will result in organizations saving money and help create needed jobs in this hurting economy.

Attributes of DSEM (Partial List)

  • Embraces simplicity and common sense
  • Leaner project teams
  • Provide a better process for cost and time estimation
  • Fosters team productivity and creativity
  • Provides environment for "real" project management rather than just tracking
  • Flexible, extensible, and intuitive
  • Reduces or eliminates project waste
  • Provides for rapid systems development
  • Provides a better process for requirements gathering
  • Provides a better process for mid-project changes
  • Provides a process to convert currently on-going projects to the new methodology
  • Does not require a change in organizational culture
  • Provides for better stakeholder involvement
  • Provide for seamless integration in project portfolios
  • Addresses unique aspects that are not addressed in other methodologies

Benefits of DSEM (Partial List)

  • Significantly reduces development costs
  • Increases quality of project results
  • Reduces the number of failed systems development projects
  • Prevents constant reoccurrence of project failures for the same causes
  • Saves money
  • Help create needed jobs

Free To Use

Once established, DSEM will be free to use by any individual or organization for their development projects. We would simply ask that you provide us with feedback on how the project went.