The Solution: DSEM

The Solution: DSEM

If Past Methodologies Were Sound and Thorough

  • We would not see projects failing for the same reasons over and over
  • Project success rates would be much higher
  • Project failure rates would be much lower
  • More projects would get accomplished on time and within budget

The Solution

The solution is the Dynamic Systems Engineering Methodology (DSEM). DSEM is a common-sense systems project management and development methodology. Research, design, development, and testing of DSEM has been going on for nearly 20 years with huge success rates. We have not seen one project fail when using the methodology.

Purpose and Outcomes of the DSEM Project

  • Identify the "real" reasons why systems development projects continue to fail at a high rate.
  • Develop formalized standards for DSEM.
  • Publish a dissertation/book describing the DSEM methodology and standards.
  • Develop on-line courses to teach DSEM.
  • Establish a professional organization to foster and support DSEM offering both education and certification.
  • Design and develop a Project Management software system that will work hand in hand with DSEM.